Steve Kerns

Chief Operating Officer

Steve KernsSteve Kerns joined S4 Inc. in 2006. As Chief Operating Officer, he leads the ongoing support of existing DoD customers, as well as directing new business development efforts. His career has revolved around participation in computer support, training, and management challenges within both commercial and Government industries.

As part of his commercial background, Mr. Kerns had led computer support departments and developed training courses for a networking hardware/software product company. As Customer Support Manager, he implemented several processes and procedures related to manpower requirements, quality control and customer satisfaction, and tools and equipment enhancements. As Training Manager for 10-NET Communications, his experience included the planning and implementation of authorized product training centers; development of a training department, program and materials; and development of and European implementation of an on-line Bulletin Board Service for product distributors, resellers, and end-users alike at the company’s Geneva Switzerland office. Mr. Kerns presented the training in nearly every major city within the United States. The class was also taught for the Air Force in England, Italy, and Germany. A special accomplishment included an opportunity to provide network computer training to students at Beijing Polytechnic University.

Building on an accomplished international training career in the commercial IT industry, he has applied the same pragmatic business skills and attention to customer service to gain equal success within Government contracting.

Before joining S4, Mr. Kerns was Project Manager at Sumaria Systems where he was responsible for an Air Force computer contract supporting Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He successfully transitioned the expired contract, and ensured the financial and technical performance of the new contract. The successful management of this contract can be seen in the original $25M five year contract that concluded as a $55.5M five year contract. He attributes the success of this contract to three core principles; take care of your customer, take care of your employees, and take care of your partners.

Mr. Kerns joined S4 while the company was still in the early stages of its maturation as a small 8(a) company. Under his leadership, the company implemented a Program Management Plan which encompassed cost, schedule and performance tools for metrics, invoicing, subcontracting, and contract management. Today, he serves as a critical member of the Corporate Executive Board providing expertise in operational and business development activities.

He holds a B.S. in B.A., Management Information Systems from Bowling Green State University.

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