Quality Assurance Program

S4 Inc.’s Quality Assurance (QA) Plan establishes and defines the Corporate QA policies, processes, and responsibilities to be used in accomplishing tasks under the Seaport Enhanced contract. The plan is used by S4 Inc. to provide engineering, technical, and programmatic services to the Government and includes task orders of different sizes and complexity in support of a wide range of government customers. Because of the diversity of clients and the variety in the scopes of work, each task performed under the Seaport Enhanced contract will have its own stand-alone QA Plan as part of the project plan for the task. This plan delineates general standards to ensure our services and products meet S4 Inc.’s corporate requirements of the Seaport Enhanced contract and will be tailored to ensure compliance with individual Seaport task orders executed by the company.

S4 Inc. has an independently registered ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (ISO QMS) certification, which serves as a tangible indication of our ability to implement, monitor, and maximize quality. Consistent both with the requirements of our ISO QMS and DoD guidance on performance-based contracting, the Project Managers (PMs) will develop project/task plans to plan, organize, and control each task order. All Seaport Enhanced task orders will have a QA Plan (Task QA Plan). S4 Inc.’s Task QA Plans translate the corporate approved QMS into specific guidance and procedures to enable program personnel to deliver quality services and products in a consistent manner on a task-by -task basis. Task QA Plans serve as a reference point for QA audits and reviews.

S4 Inc. uses ISO 9001:2015 processes both to identify/correct problems and to prevent the occurrence of problems. Our ISO QMS includes a structured process to identify and resolve problems. This process requires detailed documentation, which ensures we have adequately addressed the problem and incorporated sound procedures to prevent recurrence. S4 Inc.’s ISO QMS also requires the identification of potential problems to initiate steps to avoid them. We document our analyses and actions to avoid the occurrence of a potential problem. The Project Plan developed for each task order will include a section on potential risks/problems and the steps the PM and Task Leader must take to ensure these risks/problems do not impact task order performance.